• Design Deployment and Performance Evaluation of an IoT Based Smart Energy Management System for Demand Side Management in Smart Grid
  • InternetofThings Curriculum Pedagogy and Assessment for STEM Education A Review of Literature
  • Design and Development of RNN Anomaly Detection Model for IoT Networks
  • Quick Suppression of DDoS Attacks by Frame Priority Control in IoT Backhaul With Construction of MiraiBased Attacks
  • An Efficient and Reliable ChaosBased IoT Security Core for UDPIP Wireless Communication
  • SENMQTTSET An Intelligent Intrusion Detection in IoTMQTT Networks Using Ensemble Multi Cascade Features
  • IAn Efficient LoRaEnabled Smart Fault Detection and Monitoring Platform for the Power Distribution System Using SelfPowered IoT Devices
  • Building a Natural Language Query and Control Interface for IoT Platforms
  • Balanced Computing Offloading for Selfish IoT Devices in Fog Computing
  • A Deep Learning Approach for IoT Traffic MultiClassification in a SmartCity Scenario
  • Towards SDNEnabled Intelligent Intrusion Detection System for Internet of Things IoT
  • A Hybrid Deep Learning Approach for Bottleneck Detection in IoT
  • Secure IoT AssistantBased System for Alzheimers Disease